The Inspiration Behind our Reserve Collections

The Inspiration Behind our Reserve Collections

I was on a mission to create something new and modern, a natural evolution of the Linnea's Lights brand since its inception in 2009.

It had to possess a timeless and elegant feeling, sit beautifully next to our Everyday line, as well as be perfectly positioned to stand alone on a shelf or in a room. 

The Reserve Collection by Linnea’s Lights was created with these commitments in mind.

The Reserve Collection is a meticulously curated collection of sophisticated accords and impeccably sourced ingredients handcrafted by our team of artisans.

It’s a collection where each scent tells a story and invites you into the narrative.  

Thoughtfully blended, the line is inspired by travels both to new places and familiar favorites, childhood memories, people with such character that it makes them unforgettable and a deep appreciation for the little details of life.

Reserve Dark holds complex, enchanting deep notes such as Amber Noir, Cedrus, Figue Cypres, Santal, and Vintage. Mindfully poured in a matte, black glass vessel, Reserve Dark stays true to Linnea’s Lights initial mission of enhancing the surroundings by the use of fragrance, to help you create an ambiance without decorating the room.


To balance out the deeper notes of Reserve Dark, we also bring you a lighter option of equal complexity with our Reserve Light. Housed in a birch box and lighter, frosted vessel, Reserve Light may look spa-like and serene but promises the same powerful scent throw you've come to expect from Linnea’s Lights.  Home to such lovely scents as Earl Grey, Fjord, Orchard, Palo Santo, and White Sage, Reserve Light might hold one of your new signature scents for your home.

Like Yin and Yang, our candles are beautifully balanced and lets you effortlessly create an upscale custom ambiance in your home by combining your favorites.

I invite you to explore our Reserve Collections and make them yours.

With gratitude and appreciation,


Proprietor, Linnea’s Lights 

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